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October 2018 Is #EndChildPovertyNow Campaign Month!

Join the InnerCity Mission to tackle the #1 health risk for children worldwide — hunger!

The InnerCity Mission is embarking on a special campaign this month of October to address the state of indigent children in communities around the world.

Partners of the InnerCity Mission will collectively take the hunger statistics down this month, by sponsoring 30 million meals for indigent children and families in 40 countries around the world where the need is greatest.

Poverty has many faces and can be described in many ways; among its many descriptions, poverty is hunger. Every year, an estimated 3.1 children die from hunger and malnutrition, not having enough to nourish their bodies adequately. Hunger is the #1 health risk worldwide — affecting children more than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, but the good news is that it is solvable.

Click here to sponsor at least one meal for one dollar and stamp your photo to show your support. Remember, every child is your child.