It was an exciting day full of joy and happiness for our pupils and their parents as it is our custom to reward top performing pupils at the end of every academic year. Prizes were given to the pupils for best performance both in academics, behavioral and in co-curricular activities.

We had many pupils who performed excellently but the two who stood out the most were Assumpta and her younger brother Leo, she is the new head girl of the InnerCity Mission School.

They both bagged 5 awards each in the following categories;

–       Best performing pupil in primary science.

–       Best performing pupil in mathematics

–       Best performing pupil in handwriting

–       Best performing pupil in English language and

–       Overall best pupil in their classes

This feat was possible because of your consistent partnership!

We thank our dear partners for taking a chance on these children. Because you gave, our pupils are not just excelling in their academics but today they have equal opportunity just like their peers to become whatever they want to be!

At the InnerCity Mission, we have a mandate to help indigent children get access to free quality education. Join us to sponsor children back to school in the new academic year. ➡

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