Family Strengthening

Family Strengthening Programs Our Family Strengthening Programs are aimed at strengthening poor families so they can provide for and cater to the needs of their children. Poverty is a common experience with families who do not have a steady source of income or earn an income that is below the poverty line. The InnerCity Mission […]

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Child Health and Nutrition

Child Health AND Nutrition Programme The InnerCity Mission for Children is improving the quality of living as well as life expectancy, saving lives one indigent child at a time. One third of deaths per year, most of them women and children are due to preventable and poverty-related causes; such as hunger and poor health. But […]

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Child Care and Support

Child Care & Support Programs We improve the safety and protection of children; the purpose is to provide adult care and supervision and ensure access to social services and psychosocial support. According to UNICEF, it is a critical part of realizing the Millennium Development Goals to ensure that children grow up in a safe and […]

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Child Development

Child Development Programs This is our core program and it addresses the survival, mental, physical, emotional and psychosocial development of the indigent child; through this program, we send children back to school, help improve their performance and provide them with the necessary, innovative and educative tools. Our train the trainer approach incorporates various teacher training […]

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GEMs Initiatives

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