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Child Development

Child Development Programs

This is our core program and it addresses the survival, mental, physical, emotional and psychosocial development of the indigent child; through this program, we send children back to school, help improve their performance and provide them with the necessary, innovative and educative tools. Our train the trainer approach incorporates various teacher training programs all geared towards improving children’s learning outcomes.

The InnerCity Mission Nursery & Primary School According to UNICEF, 57 million children of Primary School age are not in school, half of these [28.5 million] are in Sub-Saharan Africa. The InnerCity Mission School is a direct platform through which we provide quality nursery and primary education to indigent children absolutely free of charge.

The InnerCity Mission B.R.I.D.G.E. Program Children between the ages of 3-5years old are eligible for Nursery School but due to poverty, many children don’t get enrolled in School; for the same reason, indigent children are forced to drop out of school; the B.R.I.D.G.E. Program is a special academic program that gives a boost to the “late-starter” and a seamless re-integration to the one forced to “drop-out”.

The Back to School Initiative This is an initiative designed to help the indigent child get an education; we have children who cannot afford to go to School, some are in school but lack basic necessities such as shoes, bags, textbooks etc. others dropped out because they just lacked the necessary funds. Through this initiative we provide “back-to-school” kits that include notebooks, school uniforms, bags, shoes, stationary, raincoat, etc.

Child Mentoring Program The InnerCity Mission Child Mentoring Program is aimed at giving care and attention to children through teaching, mentoring, training, coaching, tutoring and counseling. It serves as a platform for the transformation of indigent children because mentoring a child will help the child to develop essential skills that will help them realize their potentials and dreams. Mentorship is a platform for raising great kids.

The InnerCity Mission Play & Learn Initiative This initiative incorporates activities such as Competitive Sports, Creative Arts, Arts & Craft, Public Speaking, Travel etc. By shifting perspective beyond traditional academics, we open up a world with endless possibilities for the children we reach to transform their own lives, tap into their creativity, use their imagination, express themselves positively, and most importantly promote collaboration with their peers. This gives the indigent child the opportunity to create, to dream, and to hope.

Other Child Development Programs include:


  • The InnerCity Mission After School Program
  • The InnerCity Mission Resource Center
  • The InnerCity Mission Mobile Library


You can partner with us to help indigent children get access to education by:

  • Sponsorship of upgrade of School facilities & Amenities in identified inner city communities.
  • Sponsorship of Learning Kits Sponsorship of Teaching Kits Sponsorship of Uniform Kits [School Uniforms, School Shoes, Ceremonial Wear, etc]
  • Sponsorship of Back- to-School Kits to Children in inner city communities.
  • Volunteering your services at the InnerCity Mission School