Education is a basic human right, it has the potential to enable children to gain the life skills and knowledge needed to cope with today’s challenges and be agents of their own change, yet there are several factors such as poverty and violence limiting millions of children and young people in continents and regions around the world from getting an education.

Our Educational program rests on these five pillars :

  • The InnerCity Mission Network of Schools
  • The Back to School campaign
  • Education in emergencies
  • Children Centers
  • Train the trainer initiative

 The InnerCity Mission Network of schools

The InnerCity Mission network of schools delivers free basic quality primary education, it currently has 8 centres with a latest addition in Demsa, Sabongari Local government area, Yola, Adamawa state North-East Nigeria, other locations include 3 centres in Lagos [South West Nigeria], 2 centres in Imo and Abia state [South East Nigeria] and 2 centres in India and Cambodia [South East Asia] with 4000 indigent children directly benefiting from this initiative.

Back to School Campaign

Street children, orphans and children from poor or low-income families are deprived of essential necessities such as education and are at risk of inheriting poverty due to economic pressures.
Rather than being in school, these vulnerable children are forced to enter the labour force just to survive, in such times Education takes the back seat.
Every year, The Back to school campaign helps thousands of disadvantaged children get access to basic Primary education for free within their communities by providing them with “back-to-school” kits which include notebooks, school uniforms, backpacks, shoes, stationery and sometimes, tuition.
We also carry out community school development projects, such as construction and/or renovation of blocks of classrooms, school furniture donation.

Education in Emergencies- Making up for lost time

As a result of violent crisis or natural disasters, displaced children may have missed out on months or years of education, To help them bridge the gap of lost school time, the InnerCity Mission collaborates with the Government and other humanitarian actors on ground to provide these vulnerable children with safe learning spaces and school supplies which are essentials to accelerate education

Children Centers

The InnerCity Mission Children Learning Centre (CLC) serves as a beacon of hope to vulnerable children, disadvantaged families and a valuable asset to communities as we directly provide a wide variety of programs and services, these include but not limited to the following:

  • Giving the children access to positive role models through Mentoring
  • By providing  psychosocial services to children such as conflict resolution skills especially for those affected by violent crisis or live in high crime areas to foster resilience and hope
  • By Providing safe spaces for children to play and learn
  • By helping improve academic performance for those struggling with school through homework assistance
  • By providing Spiritual development and mind management through God’s word.
  • By providing a snack pack or one nutritious meal for each child as the case maybe.

Train the Trainer initiative

Our train the trainer approach incorporates various teachers training programs all geared towards improving children’s learning outcomes.