Dear Partners,

We trust that you had a wonderful week.

At the InnerCity Mission, we have been about the business of spreading joy. Our network of Partners and Volunteers has brought hope to indigent children and families and caused many to smile these past weeks.

We thank you, our dear Partner, for your continued support. In a time when food prices are skyrocketing, the families we serve have continued to enjoy free food supplies. The pupils in our network of schools have not had to stop their education. Their daily meals have remained constant. The comfort they enjoy such as free transportation to and from school has not ceased. This is despite the rising cost of materials in the world today. We truly have much to be grateful for.

Pupils at the InnerCity Mission Schools expressed this gratitude at our End-of-Session Thanksgiving. They thanked God for giving the InnerCity Mission Partners like you that stand with us to ensure they can access the basic necessities of life.


In different parts of the world, indigent children and families have been having a great time feasting. This is because, through our special “Send Portions in July” campaign, vulnerable children and families have received and continue to receive food supplies from our Partners and Volunteers. Our Partners in LoveWorld Zone C blazed the trail in a grand way by giving a huge donation of food items to the InnerCity Mission Food Bank.

In Lagos State, 739 children in Gberigbe community had a fun time with our institutional partners in CE Goshen House, Ikorodu East group as they enjoyed free meals, and received back-to-school-packs and other goodies.

In Angola and Macau, our Partners identified vulnerable low-income families from different communities and gave them much-need food supplies.

The orphanages were not left out as our institutional partners in CE Abuja Ministry Center distributed food parcels and toiletries to 50 orphanages to support the children in their care.

Spread joy this July by sponsoring meals on the Give A Meal app, distributing food items to the needy around you, donating food supplies to the InnerCity Mission Food Bank, or Click here


The 8th Valedictory Ceremony of the InnerCity Mission Primary School, Ikeja Campus is around the corner! Over the years, hundreds of children have graduated from the InnerCity Mission network of schools fully equipped for the next phase of their lives. Thanks to the support of our Partners, our network of primary schools keeps expanding and, this second half of 2022, we are commissioning more schools.

Our goal is to give as many indigent children as possible the opportunity to access basic education. We do this through the construction of schools and children’s centers, sponsorship of school kits, and provision of scholarships.

In Shuari 3 IDP Camp in Northeast Nigeria, we donated school uniforms, socks, and shoes to 280 children. While in Taraba State, also in Northeast Nigeria, we gave scholarships to 12 orphaned students in Yorro Local Government Area to aid them in continuing their education.

To sponsor the education of an indigent child, visit or send us an email at for more information.


The work of the InnerCity Mission touches real lives. The indigent children and families that we reach are not mere statistics. They are real people with real challenges. Watch this short video and see the tremendous impact your partnership with the InnerCity Mission can make.