Dear Partners,

We are counting up to Easter!

It’s a time where we demonstrate the love of Christ to the needy through the Easter Free Market.

Through this special outreach, we want indigent children and families to know Jesus Christ paid the full price as they shop a range of items such as food items, clothes, shoes, and more all for free. For more information on how to set up an Easter Free Market, please send us an email at

Feeding the Hungry through the Global Food Distribution

In Sierra Leone, our Partners distributed food items to families in three communities, Juba Hill Potor, Crabe town and Jabo compound.

Volunteers in HVN Canada sponsored the distribution of food supplies to 20 families in Oshokoya Community in Lagos, Nigeria. This was done in collaboration with Volunteers in Lagos who delivered the food parcels to each family.

The families were full of gratitude to our Partners and Volunteers for their timely intervention.

You can donate food items to our Food Banks, set up food pantries and soup kitchens, or sponsor free meals by visiting

Celebrating our Dear Mothers

The InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja Campus took time out to celebrate mothers of pupils at the school. The mothers enjoyed special presentations from their children such as singing, dancing and poetry.

In addition, they were given free medical check-up and a team of doctors from Trauma Care International Foundation taught the mothers how to handle emergency heath situations. To guarantee the protection of the children we reach, the InnerCity Mission School goes beyond teaching the children to training and empowering their parents so that they are well equipped to be a part of the total transformation of their children.

You can sponsor the construction of an InnerCity Mission School or the education of a child at any of our network of schools. Simply visit

Giving Children SPACE in Life


Our SPACE campaign is committed to ensuring indigent children have access to education despite their circumstances. Our Partners in Zimbabwe and Namibia organised a back-to-school outreach providing almost 300 children with scholastic kits and other materials they need for their education.

The InnerCity Mission’s Mentoring Program is a strategic approach that equips children with the tools they need to succeed psychologically, educationally, emotionally, and in every area of their lives. In Cape Verde, our Partners set up a learning center where children receive regular mentoring and psychosocial support.

You can be a part of our campaign to provide education for 5 million children through our SPACE campaign. Please send an email to