The InnerCity Mission Feeding Program focuses on child nutrition and food security for families in vulnerable conditions.

Our Feeding program has different approaches which include; Food Banking system, School Feeding, Food Assistance for Families and Orphanages, Soup kitchens, and Community feeding Outreaches.

The Food Bank is the nerve center of our feeding program. This is the storehouse where food donations, no matter the size are received from food and grocery manufacturers, retailers, and other organizations; and then distributed through our Food Pantries and different feeding interventions that serve families, children, seniors, and individuals at risk of hunger. While we operate on the "front line" model at the Food Bank, to directly give out food to the hungry, we also distribute to other frontline agencies who provide food security to children and families in need, within their constituents.

This initiative in partnership with relevant stakeholders - Government, private, and other social development partners, is a safety net that brings children into school and out of hunger. Its educational and health benefits help increase enrollment rates and reduce absenteeism in school as well as improve food security at the household level.

These are onsite hot meal stations in strategic locations where the InnerCity Mission prepares free nutritious meals for children and adults in need.

We provide immediate food assistance to indigent and vulnerable families and orphanages for a stipulated period of time.

While the average family plans for festive periods, vulnerable families hardly plan for many reasons but largely due to the excessive costs of food. However, through community outreaches, we provide special holidays food parcels to these vulnerable households to prepare sumptuous meals for their children so they all don’t feel left out.