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24 Jul 2017

Battle of Wits at Maiden Science Competition

The InnerCity Mission School’s Maiden Science Competition took place at the InnerCity School Grounds, Ikeja Center, Lagos, with students from 7 other schools joining the host school. The youngsters were given two challenges to complete: the first, a General Science quiz in 3 rounds, and the second, an experiment on Practical Science. The InnerCity Mission […]

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25 May 2017

Celebrating Nigeria At 56!

In commemoration of Nigeria’s 56th independence, the InnerCity Mission School organized a special event tagged, Celebrating Our Rich Cultural Heritage. During the event, the pupils were adorned in colourful cultural attires, representing the different geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Present to celebrate with the kids as they displayed the rich culture of the country, were Partners of the InnerCity […]

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Over 200 Teenagers Respond To The Cry Of The Poor

“I am relevant!” — These words resounded from the lips of over 200 teenagers, representing the youth of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2 as they delivered food items to the InnerCity Mission Food Bank for an Easter Special Teens’ Food Drive. Speaking on behalf of all teens and youths in the Zone, Pastor Sharon Ajide, […]

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Circle of Dreams

“I want to be a doctor!” “I want to be a teacher!” “I want to be a pilot!” “I want to be the President!” Nurturing the hopes and dreams of children is preserving a future of possibilities…. Support the InnerCity Mission today and help us keep their dreams alive.

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Laughter for Strength

The laughter of children is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Their laughter has no color, knows no status, and is uninhibited. It is said that children laugh 150 times a day. We must keep them full of laughter and hope. For in laughter, they find strength; in laughter, they can dream; […]

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My Dance of Hope … Be My Music

I dance in hope and I dance in faith. Hope that one day, there will be music in my future; faith that soon, someone would rise up and be my music. Would you be my music? Your partnership with the InnerCity Mission would bring me the future of greatness I long for. I am counting […]

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18 May 2017

This Will Surely Brighten Your Day

Enjoy this beautiful presentation by the kids of the InnerCity Mission School Choir. It will surely get you dancing. Support the InnerCity Mission as we give opportunities and platforms to indigent children to express their talents and creativity. Click here to sponsor the Play N’ Learn Initiative of the InnerCity Mission.

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22 Nov 2016

Tomorrow is TODAY!

Why do some see far and others barely see? The earth has never ceased to revolve around its axis, hence, seasons come and go; so is a great mind, that has refused to remain dormant, hence creators and creations. Genesis 15:5 says “And God brought Abraham forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell […]

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04 Nov 2016

Commemorating International Women’s Day!

WOMEN – AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR WORLD No one is born into this world without passing through the vessel called “woman”. And all through our lives we are built, shaped, modelled, taught, fed, pampered, disciplined and framed with the influence of either a mother, sister, aunt, relative, colleague, teacher or wife. The natural intuitiveness, […]

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25 Apr 2016


Dazed and desperate, Miriam cried out for help, not for herself  but for Jamila, her 9 month old baby, struggling to survive, thin with dry pale skin, hallow cheeks and sunken eyes, breathing with so much difficulty. “Please help my baby”, Marian begged the health centre worker. “I am sorry”, she was told. “We are […]

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