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21 May 2018

Say No to Child Soldiers!

Convention on the Rights of the Child  Article 38 [summarized] – Children under the age of 16 years should not take a direct part in any conflict.   The birth of a child usually comes with a cry from the newborn. As the child cries out, acclimatizing to a new environment outside of the comfort of […]

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15 May 2018

South Sudan Cries for Help: Will YOU Answer?

                        Extreme poverty is a major global challenge and the InnerCity Mission works to put it at bay on a daily basis. This year, through the Global Missions initiative in 40 countries in all the continents of the world, our mission is to establish practical and innovative ways […]

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10 May 2018

Global Missions Initiative Takes Full Swing in Uganda and Ethiopia

Dear Partner, The wind of change is blowing through the inner cities of targeted East African countries as the interventions of the InnerCity Mission spread to Uganda and Ethiopia through her Global Missions Initiative. Indigent children, families and disadvantaged communities within these regions can now look forward to better and more sustained assistance as we work even more closely […]

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03 May 2018

157 Families Express Joy As They Receive Food Items from the InnerCity Mission Food Bank

In line with her commitment to the global fight against hunger and our campaign to end child poverty, the InnerCity Mission organized a mega food distribution in the month of April. The distribution took place at the InnerCity Mission Food Bank Headquarters and in 2 communities; Otumara and Sawmill Ajeba, Lagos Nigeria. About 200 families benefited from the distribution […]

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26 Apr 2018

The InnerCity Mission and Partners in CE Abuja Zone Respond to Needs of 5000 Internally Displaced Persons

The InnerCity Mission for Children in collaboration with partners in Christ Embassy Abuja Zone, tackled the issue of food insecurity as they provided free meals and home supplies (food items, toiletries, and warm clothing) for 5000 children and families drawn from 5 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps, giving them a reason to smile again. Charles Oputa (a.k.a. […]

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19 Apr 2018

The InnerCity Mission School Takes Home Trophy at Debate’s Grand Finale

The grand finale of the InnerCity Mission’s inter-school debate competition came with heightened expectations after the semifinals which held in the month of February. 5 schools, InnerCity Mission School (Ikeja, Festac and Badagry centers), Peccas School, and Value Plus Primary School, competed in this final round still on the topic, “Child Poverty: Who is to blame? Society or the Parents?” After intense […]

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12 Apr 2018

Commemorating International Day for #StreetChildren

Every child has a right to a life free of exploitation, violence, neglect, and poverty. Children need and definitely deserve an education, a balanced diet, and love; all these and more are necessary for a growing child to mature into a confident, healthy and responsible adult. The InnerCity Mission reaches children living on the streets, in the inner […]

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04 Apr 2018

Pupils of InnerCity Mission Schools Embark on Educative Excursion to Fish Farms

Pupils of the InnerCity Mission School took learning beyond their classrooms by embarking on fun and educative trips to selected fish farms, in accordance with a vocation focus on fishery across the InnerCity Mission network of schools, for this school term. Pupils of the InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja, and Aba Centers, went on an excursion to fish […]

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19 Feb 2018

Partners Of CE Port Harcourt Zone 1 Organize A Food Drive

It is said that hunger is responsible for over half of child deaths in the world today, yet it is the world’s most solvable problem. Being fully persuaded that the solution to the world’s problem lies with the church, the InnerCity Mission and her partners in CE Port Harcourt Zone 1 combined efforts to put […]


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Kobis Foods Partners with the InnerCity Mission To Kick Against Child Hunger

Kobis and the InnerCity Mission have joined forces to kick against child hunger as the acclaimed restaurant connects 10,000 indigent children to healthy fresh food for the next 90 days! Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem, yet according to UNICEF, some 300 million children go to bed hungry and malnourished every day. Far too […]


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