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Circle of Dreams

“I want to be a doctor!” “I want to be a teacher!” “I want to be a pilot!” “I want to be the President!” Nurturing the hopes and dreams of children is preserving a future of possibilities…. Support the InnerCity Mission today and help us keep their dreams alive.

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Laughter for Strength

The laughter of children is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Their laughter has no color, knows no status, and is uninhibited. It is said that children laugh 150 times a day. We must keep them full of laughter and hope. For in laughter, they find strength; in laughter, they can dream; […]

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My Dance of Hope … Be My Music

I dance in hope and I dance in faith. Hope that one day, there will be music in my future; faith that soon, someone would rise up and be my music. Would you be my music? Your partnership with the InnerCity Mission would bring me the future of greatness I long for. I am counting […]

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