Through our shelter program, the InnerCity Mission directly and indirectly, through partnerships with other child care institutions, provides holistic child development.

There are two initiatives under our shelter program which include the InnerCity Mission Home and Orphanage Support.

The InnerCity Mission Home is a rescue and rehabilitation program!

This residential program is a direct approach to our Shelter Program, through which we provide a stable family environment and whole-life care for indigent and vulnerable children. The term Whole life care means we take a long-term approach to child development and provide opportunities that champion children’s right to a safe, permanent and nurturing home thus encouraging healthy, spiritual, physical, social and economic development for indigent, vulnerable and orphaned children in our direct care all the way through young adulthood.

We support other Child care institutions that provide holistic child development for orphaned and vulnerable children.

This is because many orphanages and child care institutions are over populated and with limited cash inflow, they struggle to meet the individual needs of the children in their care. Through this initiative, we provide support for the children they serve.