Today’s children, mostly those in vulnerable and underserved communities, face a variety of risks and challenges. Without positive relationships, these challenges, mostly driven by poverty, threaten the promise of a bright future for them, making them susceptible to risky behaviors.

Through Faith and Development, we provide safe spaces and positive role models for at-risk children and young people, to help them realize their potential and build their future.
With our Christian faith at the center of all we do and our belief in its ability to bring about lasting change, we carry out this social change in communities with the people who share the same values - faith actors and volunteers.

These are enriching faith based activities or programs that allow targeted children and youth express their faith with peers who share similar values. In all cases, our community outreaches provide children and youth with a safe place to worship and socialize. The adults who supervise and guide the children at these programs serve as models.

Our Mentoring program gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds weekly one-on-one support from a volunteer mentor. We help them to develop their potential, character, raise aspiration, improve their spiritual and academic development through long term one-on-one mentoring