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Through Child Safety and Advocacy, we champion the rights of children as stipulated in the UN Convention Rights of a Child; protecting children everywhere from all forms of abuse. Taking the preventive approach, we advocate that every child no matter the gender, color, race should be treated with respect and this includes being listened to and involved in decisions when plans are being made that affect their lives.

We Create Awareness amongst children, on abuse, we provide safety tips and how to respond if at risk.

We train the direct care givers (Teachers, Parents etc.) to take action that would protect their wards or children and prevent them from all forms of abuse.

Here we offer training for volunteers, who would help multiply our efforts in the lives of children at risk.

This is our direct platform where we offer one on one counselling to children at risk.

Here we create platforms (Children’s Voice & Children’s Art and Exhibitions) for children to freely and creatively express their opinions.

We partner with other safety agencies for knowledge exchange, and collaborate to support more at risk children.