Hope Rising in Liberia as the InnerCity Mission breaks ground for its 14th School

In a monumental stride to extend free education across Africa, the InnerCity Mission has embarked on the construction phase of its 14th School, marking a significant milestone in Liberia’s education landscape. As the second African nation to benefit from the Chris Oyahkilome Foundation International’s commitment to free education for early and primary school-aged children through its network of 100% free schools, Liberia stands poised to usher in a new era of opportunity and empowerment for its most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

The groundbreaking ceremony, which was held at the proposed site in [community name] on the 22nd of March 2024, commenced with an opening remark by Esteemed Pastor Alfred Masen

Right next was an inspiring address by the Director of the InnerCity Mission for Children- Pastor Omoh Alabi, who began by first expressing her profound gratitude on behalf of the beneficiaries to the Founder of the InnerCity Mission- Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. Dsc. DD., for his visionary leadership that spearheaded the establishment of the ever-expanding network of InnerCity Mission schools with campuses located in Nigeria and India. Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, Pastor Omoh Alabi emphasized the school’s commitment to providing 100% FREE access to quality education for every indigent child in Liberia throughout their primary school journey, irrespective of age, gender, religion and ethnicity.

As the ceremony unfolded, key stakeholders took turns to share their thoughts and aspirations for the future. Representing the Liberian government, the following had this to say; said

” This is the first time, unprecedented in the country of Liberia! Thank you, Pastor Chris, for investing in the lives of our young children, as this is an initiative that buttresses the efforts of the government to provide free and compulsory primary education, from the legislative standpoint, we will stand by you and will be supportive of this initiative.” [Hon. Saah H. Joseph, Montserrado county, Capitol Hill, Capitol bypass, Liberia ]

City Representative of District 6, Montserrado County, Liberia- Honorable Rev. Samuel Andas], Thanked the Founder of the InnerCity Mission- Pastor Chris, for his investment in young people in Liberia, in his words, It is our prayer and hope that this school, when built would be a rock, a firm foundation that would change lives, restore hope and heal our land. Thank you for thinking of our children, thank you Pastor Chris, for thinking of the kingdom of God beyond your headquarters and the walls of your church (Christ Embassy).

The Kankan Community Chair- Mr. Solomon Rati, as he handed over the School Land documents] expressed his gratitude on behalf of his community to the InnerCity Mission for the lifetime investment in their children, he said; “This is a surprise, my heart is filled with joy that God has answered our community’s prayer, and for this we bless God. Pastor Chris, what you have done, it’s only God that would bless you. I can see the doors that have been opened for our children. I know now that our community is lifted. He said this to emphasise the profound impact the school, when completed, will have on his local community.

Amidst the celebration, the vibrant spirit of the community shone brightly as they treated guests to a mesmerizing dance presentation at the school groundbreaking. With rhythmic movements and colourful costumes, the performance encapsulated Liberia’s rich cultural heritage, showcasing its people’s warmth and hospitality.

In a show of solidarity, attendees enthusiastically pledged their support to contribute their time and resources towards the completion of the school project.

“It’s an honour to be invited here, and I am very proud of your intention {The InnerCity Mission} to build what you are building in Liberia and Africa in general. This is very honourable. I would be very happy to guide and be a part of your construction or anything else that is needed; my company is at your service!” (Engineer Karim Musa- CEO of Mark Enterprise)

The ceremony concluded with a symbolic groundbreaking moment, as stakeholders and dignitaries joined hands to turn the first sod of earth, marking the beginning of construction for the new school.

Inaugurating Liberia’s first 100% free school is more than just a construction project; it is a testament to the power of collective action in shaping a brighter future for generations to come. As the foundation of Liberia’s newest free school is laid, let us not merely witness history but become a part of it.

Join the InnerCity Mission in its journey to build a brighter future—one where education is not a luxury but a fundamental right freely accessed by EVERY indigent child. You can support this project Click Here

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