Commemorating International Women’s Day!


No one is born into this world without passing through the vessel called “woman”. And all through our lives we are built, shaped, modelled, taught, fed, pampered, disciplined and framed with the influence of either a mother, sister, aunt, relative, colleague, teacher or wife. The natural intuitiveness, multi-tasking abilities, discernment and foresight, make women so classic in nurturing and growing anything they are given.  Whether it’s a home, a child, a company or even a nation, more often than not, in the hands of a woman, they bloom. Every woman is constantly productive. If she’s not raising a child, she is building a business. If she’s not building a business, she’s occupied with her family. If she’s not occupied with her family, she’s fighting for a beneficial cause for all families.

Women are more recognized and valued today than in times past but with the statistics below from the UN, EU and World Bank, there remains a huge, untapped potential of women the world is yet to completely harness.

  • Over 700 million women alive today were married when they were under 18, and of those some 250 million were married before they were 15. (UNICEF, 2014)
  • Women bear disproportionate caring responsibility for children, the elderly and the sick, spending as much as ten times more time a day on unpaid care work than men, according to the World Bank.
  • Around the world, women are paid less than men, in most countries earning on average 60%-75% of men’s wages (World Bank Gender Data Portal, 2015).

At the InnerCity Mission, because we believe women play a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty, we empower women and poor families as a means of reaching indigent children through the Family Support Program.

The InnerCity Mission supports women in different inner cities with monthly food supplies to help them cater for their families. These women receive specialized training programs designed to empower them for economic security.

Today, as we commemorate the International Women’s Day, join the InnerCity Mission to give  opportunities to women in the inner cities by empowering them through the Family Support Program.

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!