2022 February Week 1 Newsletter - InnerCity Mission HQ WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF REDEMPTION!!!

Welcome to February!

We pray for you that it would be an exciting and fufilling month for you. Here at the InnerCity Mission, we have recorded amazing stories of impact just in the first month of 2022. Be sure to look out for this month's edition of our WATCH magazine which captures our impact in the lives of the indigent.

Love in Action this February

Would you join us to extend love to the poor with our Acts of Love Campaign? All through the month of February, our network of Partners and Volunteers will be going all out to spread love to indigent children and families through various activities. Click here to learn more.

Preserve Families Initiative Kicks Off in Sierra Leone

Research shows that children living in food-insecure households are at greater risk of poor health and chronic diseases and may experience behavioural issues. We believe every child should grow healthy. This is why we are committed to preserving 3 million low-income households this year.

Our Partners in Sierra Leone have begun with a hundred families. These vulnerable families in BO District were provided with food assistance by our partners in the region. Join the impact train today, let's preserve families together. Click here to give or send us a mail to guide you to organise food distribution for poor families.


Did you know that with the "Give a Meal" app you can share your meals with hungry children in any part of the world just with a click on your phone?

Globally, food deprivation still claims the lives of needy children. Using the "Give a Meal" app enables you to instantly sponsor meals on the go and provide food assistance to hungry children and families in countries where we reach. With only $1 you can give a meal today!


- Provide meals for the hungry wherever you are and anytime you want.

- See the impact your donation is making.

- Sign up to feed the hungry on a monthly basis.

Visit the LoveWorld App Store to download the "Give a Meal" app today.