2022 February Week 3 Newsletter – InnerCity Mission HQ

Dear Partners,

In line with our goal to contribute to ending hunger in all forms, the InnerCity Mission has launched a strategic initiative, the Hunger Action Month Campaign. This is a global campaign designed to raise awareness and take action against hunger and its effects on indigent children and their families. Join us in taking action in these 3 ways.

1. Take the pledge to be a Hunger Action Champion at icm.ngo/ham

2. Share meals using any of these platforms; icm.ngo/donate, paypal.me/icm4c, or the Give a Meal app.

3. Fundraise for meals with your network. Log on to icm.ngo/fundraise

The challenge is on! Click here to learn more.

Celebrating Our SPACE Champions from Zimbabwe

Inspired by our Founder's philosophy on education as the number one opportunity for indigent children to break free from poverty, our partners in Zimbabwe teamed up to send children in Mutare back to school. They provided the children with stationery, school uniforms and paid fully for their tuition fees. We celebrate their compassion and commitment to giving these children hope for the future. Sign up to be a SPACE Champion, visit icm.ngo/donate

Ruth, touched by the plight of street kids, had always desired to establish a centre to care for and develop their talents and skills. She has been actively involved in the Humanitarian Volunteer Network, carrying out impactful projects that benefit street kids. Working with a team, she set up a learning centre and built a library for these children.

Ruth testifies "Volunteering with the InnerCity Mission has given me the opportunity to live my dream of helping others and given me a sense of accomplishment.” Just like Ruth, you can live your dreams by volunteering with the InnerCity Mission. Click here to register