2022 February Week 4 Newsletter - InnerCity Mission HQ WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF REDEMPTION!!!

Dear Partners,

Too many children suffer when their parents face difficult times. Mary is one of such children. Her father lost his job and her mother died after a protracted sickness. It was a difficult time for the family, so much that her father considered suicide. Mary had to drop out of school for lack of funds. But today, things are different. Click here to watch how your sponsorship restored hope and joy to the family. Your partnership with the InnerCity Mission is rewriting the stories of indigent children globally and we say "Thank you!"

The SPACE for 5million kids campaign is another opportunity to save a child and a family. Click here to give.

Partners Taking Action Against Hunger

Have you taken a pledge to take action against hunger? Your participation in the Hunger Action Month campaign would greatly help to provide much-needed food supplies and meals to feed hungry children and families we serve. You can sponsor meals for a week with $14 or #7,000 or a month with $60 or #30,000 or even an entire year with $720 or #360,000. Visit icm.ngo/ham to take a stand against hunger.

You can also fundraise with your network of family and friends here.

Jennifer, who was owed salary for months at her place of work, decided to give towards her friend's fundraising campaign to feed needy children. She gave with a request in her heart to God for a release of the salary she was owed.

Within the same week she gave to her friend's campaign, she was paid 3 months of the salary she was owed! It didn't stop there. Her business began to have more sales and visibility. She says "Of the three things I spoke into existence with my seed, two have started manifesting... I will be doing this every week till the end of the year." Fundraising is an opportunity for your network to be blessed. Click here to learn more.