2022 January Week 3 Newsletter – InnerCity Mission HQ

Dear Partners,

Welcome to the beautiful year 2022. In 2021, we had a resounding impact and reached 20 million beneficiaries - a feat of 10 years accomplished in 1 year! We are excited about our plans to impact more lives this year.

This year, partnership with the InnerCity Mission is on a whole different level as we have strategically packaged special initiatives for you to make a direct impact in the lives of the indigent.

We have 4 exciting ways for you to partner with the InnerCity Mission this year.

• Sponsor a Child's Education (SP.A.C.E) Initiative

The SP.A.C.E for 5 million kids initiative is a unique strategy through which we will give 5 million children access to education. Through the “Sponsor A Child’s Education” (SP.A.C.E.) initiative, we will give out-of-school children a place in the classroom by sponsoring their education all through the school year, equipping them with scholastic materials, constructing free schools and setting up children’s centers in underserved communities around the world.

• Preserving Families, Blessing Nations

At the InnerCity Mission we are committed to preserving families in order to protect children. This year, we are reaching and strengthening 3 million low-income households with food aid, vocational training, and grants to start businesses.

• Global Missions Sponsorship

We are extending the reach of our Global Missions as we have identified 100 countries of the world that are in dire need of the interventions of the InnerCity Mission. As a partner, you can adopt a nation, host a country hub, or sponsor our projects and initiatives in any country of the world.

• Praying For The Needy


Did you know that you can partner with the InnerCity Mission to pray for the needy? We specially invite you to join us as we cause the rain of righteousness, prosperity and peace to pour over the inner cities. Join us every Thursday by 8:00pm GM+1 to cause a change in the lives of the indigent Click here to register.