2022 May Week 2 Newsletter - InnerCity Mission HQ WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF REDEMPTION!!!

Dear Partners,

The past few days have been most fulfilling as we commissioned the 9th InnerCity Mission School situated in Murbai, Taraba State in North-East Nigeria. It was indeed a dream come true and we are grateful to our institutional partners who made it a reality.

Murbai village, located in Ardo Kola Local Government Area, is home to a few thousands of people who are mostly subsistence farmers. The literacy level is extremely low. This situation was made worse when the only school the children had access to in the village was affected by the attacks of bandits. Since then most of the children have been forced out of school.


In 2020, members of the InnerCity Mission’s Humanitarian Volunteer Network identified the dire need for education in the community and set up temporary learning centers for the children. At these centers, children received literacy lessons and psychosocial support.

However, it was clear that the children needed a permanent structure. Working with her Partners, the InnerCity Mission took up the challenge and began a school building project. In a few months, the 100%-free InnerCity Mission Primary School, Murbai was ready. The school building houses classrooms, fully equipped teachers’ offices, restrooms, adequate water supply, and a kitchen where free school meals would be prepared for the children daily.

The commissioning of the School had in attendance traditional rulers, senior community leaders, Government representatives, key stakeholders from various communities and other top dignitaries. During the event, the enrolled pupils received their uniforms, bags, school shoes, books, and had their first meal!


School meals play a key role in our sustainability plan for our network of Schools. The free meals given to the pupils of the InnerCity Mission School, Murbai would keep the children interested and engaged in their academic lessons. However, the benefits of these school meals go beyond education and nutrition for the children as the meals prepared would be homegrown which would strengthen the livelihoods of low-income families in Murbai village who are small-scale farmers.

Additionally, as part of our efforts to support these families, the InnerCity Mission distributed food parcels to about 300 families from Murbai and other neighhbouring communities. This was a first and immediate response to strengthening the livelihoods of these families.


At the InnerCity Mission, our interventions are multifaceted as we focus on the total transformation of the indigent child. In Murbai, the entire village depended on a little natural pond. They got their bathing, washing, and drinking water from the same spot. The animals within the community also drank from this pond. The villagers had to walk a long distance to this unhygienic source of water as it was the only closest source of water.

In response to this, the InnerCity Mission constructed pipe-borne water supply for the community. The members of community expressed their unreserved gratitude to the InnerCity Mission for the clean flowing water.

We are grateful to all our partners who stand with us in reaching the most vulnerable children and families in communities that do not have access to basic amenities.

Thanks to the intervention of the InnerCity Mission and her Partners, a new season has begun in Murbai community. Their children are in school, the families would receive regular food support, and the entire community now has access to clean drinkable water.

This is the impact of partnership with the InnerCity Mission. You can sponsor our projects and interventions in communities like Murbai in different countries of the world. Visit icm.ngo/donate to get started. You can also send us an email at info@theinnercitymission.org. to find out about more opportunities to partner with the InnerCity Mission.