2022 May Week 3 Newsletter - InnerCity Mission HQ WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF REDEMPTION!!!

Dear Partners,

It is the middle of the month of May. What difference have you made in the lives of needy children? It is not too late to join other Partners of the InnerCity Mission around the world who have been bringing smiles to the faces of indigent children and families in various ways.

This year, our goal is to distribute millions of meals to the indigent, give 5 million children access to education, and carry out interventions in countries where the need is greatest. Click here to be a part of our programs and initiatives.

Partners in Botswana Bring Relief to Pupils

Around the world, there are thousands of children who have to walk long distances to get to their schools which affects their education. In Gaborone, Botswana, Partners of the InnerCity Mission identified pupils in Mosi Primary School who went through this daily and donated bicycles to them. With these bicycles, the productive time the children spend in school has increased. In addition the Partners donated school kits to the pupils to support their studies. The needy families in Mosi settlement were also not left out as they received food parcels from the Partners.

Through our Global Missions work, we are providing solutions to the needs of the indigent in countries around the world. You can adopt a country and sponsor our interventions to countries in need. Visit icm.ngo/donate.

InnerCity Mission Soup Kitchen Pioneered in Madagascar

Madagascar Is reported to be one of the poorest countries in the world where there are many cases of malnutrition and a third of the households lack adequate food. To ensure that children do not go to bed hungry, InnerCity Mission Partners in the country have pioneered a soup kitchen in Ivato Commune. The soup kitchen will provide regular hot meals to over 100 children.

Click here to sponsor the pioneering of InnerCity Mission soup kitchens in different communities in need.

Making a Difference with Birthdays

InnerCity Mission Global Ambassador, Pastor Isoken Osifo, visited the InnerCity Mission Food Bank to donate food items for indigent children, families and orphanages the InnerCity Mission supports. She came in the company of her family and friends to celebrate her special day with the needy.

Your birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days are a great opportunity to impact the lives of the indigent. For more information, please send an email to fundraise@theinnercitymission.org.

Global Food Distribution Update

Partners and Volunteers of the InnerCity Mission are actively ensuring that indigent children and families do not lack food. In Eswatini, members of the Humanitarian Volunteer Network served meals to over 100 children and 50 adults in Siphofaneni community. In Lagos, Nigeria, our institutional Partners in Somolu distributed free meals to children and women in Waterside community, Lagos state.

We are still distributing meals to the hungry and you can be a part of it by simply clicking here.