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Humanitarian Action Conference 2021

The InnerCity Mission for Children will hold its 2nd Annual Humanitarian Action Conference (HAC) from October, 13th to 14th 2021. The theme for this year’s Conference is; Charting new Frontiers in Humanitarian Aid with emphasis on Rethinking Collaboration, Ownership, and Transformation.

The overall objective of this year's Annual Conference is to provide a platform for Development partners, Donors, Experts, in both the Public and Private sectors to discuss issues, challenges, and lessons learned on Humanitarian Aid and Poverty Eradication, among women and children.

This year, we would be taking cognizant of the outcome of last year's conference on rethinking strategies for poverty eradication. To this effect, the conference will explore the impact of Collaboration, Ownership, and Transformation, in Development Aid.

This year's conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, group discussions, Exhibitions, and Spoken Words.

Date:14th Oct
Time: From 9 am GMT +1
Venue: The NAF Conference Center, Abuja, Nigeria
For further inquires:
Email: hac@theinnercitymission.org
Online: https://portal.theinnercitymission.tv

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