Food Bank


It is common knowledge that food is essential to a child’s survival, and absolutely necessary for healthy growth and development yet, many do not have access to this basic necessity of life. At the InnerCity Mission for Children, reaching children through our Feeding Program with warm and balanced meals is one of the things we do.

The InnerCity Mission Schools Feeding Scheme

The InnerCity Mission Schools is our Free Educational Program for indigent children. Most of our children come from homes where eating three[3] meals a day is a luxury; this means that more often than not, they come to school on empty stomachs and this impairs a child’s ability to learn. To solve this, every child at the InnerCity Mission Schools receives free breakfast and lunch daily; this has significantly improved their overall academic performance as well as their punctuality and attendance – the children come early because they don’t want to miss breakfast.

Sponsored meals are also utilized in through several other channels some of which are stated below:

The Mobile Kitchen

Our Mobile Kitchen serves already cooked food to needy people in poor areas of the city, beneficiaries can simply walk up to the Kitchen Van and collect a pack of food.

ChildReach Outings

One of the hallmarks of our outreaches is the distribution of food to all the children present; whether it’s a Send Portions outing, a deworming exercise or just a simple outreach meeting, the children go back home having been fed a sumptuous meal amongst other things.

Food Boxes

The Food Box contains raw food items and supplies used during our annual Send Portions outreaches and at the Family Support Program. These food boxes are given free to beneficiaries.

You can be a part of this by sponsoring a meal, sponsoring a food box or providing raw food supplies for cooking the meals and stocking our food boxes. You can also participate in any of our food distribution outreaches or host one in a needy community near you.