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Deworming Exercise in the InnerCity Mission School

Worms infect more than one third of the world’s population, with the most intense infections in children and the poor.

In the poorest countries, children are likely to be infected from the time they stop breast-feeding, to be continually infected and re-infected for the rest of their lives, hampering learning and educational access and achievement.

Regular deworming contributes to good health and nutrition for children of school age, which in turn leads to increased enrolment and attendance, reduced class repetition and increased educational attainment.

The InnerCity Mission has a thriving basic health care program that provides emergency care for the InnerCity Mission school kids and provides education and counseling in a variety of health and wellness topics.

In a bid to improve the health of the school children, a deworming exercise was carried out at the InnerCity Mission School in Ikeja and Badagry centres.

All year round, we are reaching a global cumulative of over 10 million beneficiaries with our various interventions including healthcare and you can join us by organizing health awareness campaigns, free medical checkups and deworming exercises to the indigent around you.

We would like to work with you to achieve this, for more information on how to organize a free medical outreach, send an email to