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Gaborone 1 Chapter, a local community team of volunteers, recently held a successful Easter outreach event in Werda, a small village in the Kgalagadi District, Botswana. The event, which aimed to provide food to those in need during the holiday season, was a resounding success, with the group reaching out to 291 people. The number of children reached out to was 213, mainly orphans, and also children from poor families and the number of adults reached was 78. 200 copies of Rhapsody of Realities were distributed.

Volunteers from Gaborone 1 Chapter distributing food during Easter outreach event in Werda, Botswana

Werda is a village located in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, and as such, faces unique challenges in terms of access to food and other resources. Despite its remote location, Gaborone 1 Chapter recognized the need for support in the area and organized the outreach event to provide much-needed assistance to the community.

Group of children from Werda, Botswana receiving food during Easter outreach event organized by Gaborone 1 Chapter

The event took place on Easter weekend, and volunteers from the Gaborone 1 Chapter set out on a 375km journey to reach Werda. The outreach event was well-received by the community, with many people expressing their gratitude for the support. One local resident said, “It’s heartwarming to see people from outside coming to our village to help us. We struggle to make ends meet, especially during holidays like Easter so this food will go a long way for us.”

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The Gaborone 1 Chapter’s Easter outreach event is part of a larger initiative called the 1 Billion Meals Campaign, which aims to provide food assistance to vulnerable communities worldwide. The Gaborone 1 Chapter’s participation in the campaign highlights the importance of community-based initiatives in addressing food insecurity. We appreciate these HVN volunteers who were able to make a meaningful impact in Werda and show the power of collective action in addressing social issues.

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