Losing a spouse is one of the most heartbreaking situations one can face. For households already struggling, it means economic hardship, social rejection, and psychological distress. For women in some societies, widowhood is strongly stigmatized, and widows often suffer. The challenges women face become more acute.

In developing countries where men are more likely to be the sole earner in a family, bereavement widens the social and economic gaps of gender inequality. These women who are now left as sole breadwinners are likely to earn much less if they can make a living at all, thereby their dependent children are forced into labor and deprived of an education.

June 23rd annually is International Widow’s Day and It is a day mapped out to draw attention to the poverty and injustice faced by widows in many countries and the exceptional support they need.

The InnerCity Mission, through one of our hearty programs, empower vulnerable households including widows with economic security activities to become financially independent and improve their ability to cater to and protect their children from poverty and its effect.

So as we commemorate the International Day of Widows, let’s remember the widows who have been broken because of poverty. Let’s send them love and hope on this day through food parcels and family-strengthening activities

Watch this inspiring story of Mrs. Chikezie Chinyere and see how your partnership is helping widows like her. –