Meet Sai Nu Maing. She lives in Myanmar

Happy New Year! Your giving helped us achieve so much in 2019 as we impacted the lives of over 3 million children and families.

Meet Sai Nu Maing. She lives in Myanmar.
Her father was jailed for drug trafficking. Her mother left home and never returned.
She had no home and lived in the mountain. Then she was taken to a relief camp but because of the large population there, she had little food and sometimes went without. She was not also given proper education.
Today, she lives in the InnerCity Mission Home in Myanmar and is now in Class 9.
Sai Nu Mang, rechristened Prosper, is very happy with her new home and she wants to be a keyboardist and a chorister when she grows up.

Prosper has a new story today because of you. Now imagine the many more lives we will touch in 2020.

This year, we have big goals. We are set to spread our reach to every continent of the world, touching millions of children and families globally.
Last year, we distributed over 50 million meals. This 2020, we will distribute 100 million meals.
We have a goal to build 50 Child Care Centers in strategic locations around the world to provide safe places for at risk and vulnerable children like Prosper.
We are excited because we know, hand in hand with you, we will do far more than we did in 2019.

Welcome to 2020!