Mustapha’s Story

I never thought I’d be alive till now. It is a miracle that I escaped when the first set of armed men attacked my school two years ago. So many of my classmates and some of our teachers were shot and killed on the spot. But I hid for a while until I could find a way to run into the village.

Things calmed down for a while and I was hoping we could return to school so that I could write my exams, but a few months later, there was another attack on my village and it was too dangerous to remain there. I had to move to this IDP camp with my family. We left our home in a hurry and I couldn’t take my books or other learning materials.

It’s been two years now and there is hardly any hope that I will return to school again to finish my education. Everyone in our camp is trying to survive and there is no one to teach me and some of the other kids here.

Indigent children like Mustapha wholive in areas of crisis are so uncertain about their future. With little or no attention given to their education, they may be left behind.

Help us secure their future today by being a part of the #EducationInEmergency Campaign.
To be a part of this initiative, kindly adopt any of the following packages.

Sponsor a Child
Stationary, Printable Worksheet, File Jackets, Snack, Story Books
₦15,000 ($42)

Sponsor a Teacher
Protective Kits, Logistics, Resource Materials
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Sponsor a Community
1 Community = 645 Children = #9,675,000 ($27,413)