For indigent children, Education is a ticket out of poverty…. Tobi, a graduating pupil of the 2020/2021 academic year shares her story!

“My name is Tobi, my dad passed when I was 4 years old, and at the same time, my mother lost her job. We had to move out from the only place I’ve known as home because we could not afford the rent. It was a struggle for my mother to take care of me and my sister. Going to school became only a dream that was far from reality. 

One day, my mom heard about the InnerCity Mission School and I was enrolled. 

The InnerCity Mission School  received  me for free without requiring my mother to pay for my uniforms, books or transport fare because the school bus would pick me in the morning and drop me off after school. I could not read nor write or even speak fluently when i first joined but today, I am graduating top of my class.

I thank all the partners and teachers of the InnerCity Mission School for giving me hope and making my dream of going to school a reality.”

At the InnerCity Mission, we have a mandate to help children like Tobi get access to education at no cost. This is why we are committed to building Schools and Children centers in identified locations around the world. Be a part of it today!

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