When You Think About Change, Think About Me

How much could I do? My brother Christian was being the big brother. He was just 11 years and I was 5… I knew nothing about death, although I was accustomed to how it felt to be hungry, and not having my basic needs met.

All I knew at 5 is that the day my mother slept she did not wake up. My slightest wimp would usually wake her up to pet me. But this time, I was told she won’t be up anymore. It felt like my whole world froze.

Things were very hard for my father after the death of my mum. We were not going to school and barely ate any good food.
After two years, unable to see my mother again, my father assumed the same position of sleeping on the bed, he tried really hard to stay awake until his last breath… we shook him, pushed and pulled him, but he didn’t respond. I was gripped with fear, my mouth trembled and that was when it dawned on me that we are officially orphans…

We toiled on our own, from hawking on the streets to begging but with the help of a concerned neighbor, the InnerCity Mission made contact with us. Having heard our story, we were brought into the InnerCity Mission home. I am 14 today and I am looking back at how my life has changed tremendously… I have been given a second chance at life, I am in school and also an award-winning dancer in the InnerCity Mission Dance group. Under the glow of that very bright light on stage, I still remember walking towards Pastor Chris alongside other rescued children like me as we excitedly ran to pick up our award as Best dance group for 2020.

When you think about change, think about me, but remember there are so many other children who need your help with food, education, clothing, and more.

Through the InnerCity Mission shelter program, we are providing a stable family environment and whole-life care for indigent and vulnerable children.  Just like Favour Morrisson, there are other children out there who need help. Support us in reaching them today! – https://icm.ngo/donations

for more information, kindly send us an email today – info@theinnercitymission.ngo